Ancient Four Slot Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Turtle

Ancient Four Slot Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Turtle

Are you ready to meet the ancient four of legend?

Today, we take you another story of Asia by an ancient four slot theme. The exciting online slot is created to satisfy players with an attractive presence and special figures contained in the game.

Graphic and theme are the keys of Ancient Four simultaneously four creatures are part of the ancient China legend. They are powerful and quite related to fate and prosperity. You will see red, gold, and green are the central colors of the theme. Icons are unique while the background holds luxury green. 

To play Ancient Four is easy on five reels and 50 pay lines. Besides six amazing and colorful cards, it owns five more basic symbols such as silver and golden tree, white tiger, golden accessory, turtle, and Phoenix, etc. The biggest cards from 2 or 3 or more in a line will grant you the highest reward. 

Ancient Four Slot Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Turtle

Jade Dragon is recognized as an extra symbol to support the game. Especially, when you decide to change or adapt positions to win as you wish. The chance to have Scatter in a representation of Yin Yang in the first three reels to receive a 10-time free spin. The most intriguing point is while using a free spin, you will see it get more exciting in every reel except for the first time.

Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, and Turtle changed to be an original form of flourish in Chinese culture or called Ancient Four. You will see the East blue dragon, South purple bird, Wast white tiger, and North black turtle on the reel. Also, there is a bonsai charm and card icon from ace to nine. The four creatures besides connect with four directions, it also refers to four seasons and sacred missions in East Asian culture. Sounds in the game are selected to add more story to the 2D animation.

Ancient Four Slot Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Turtle  slot online the best

Ancient Four, the outstanding game

The slot gives you approximately 95.02% of the volatility. The biggest win for one spinning as its claim is 1,000x of batting. This could not help you to predict the jackpot, yet a chance is an absolute high.

Although Ancient Four shows actually a challenge to some people, on the other side, we think this is an opportunity to win your challenge. 

WIf you are searching for the most exciting slot ever, Ancient Four is your match. It is as well as new players or who focus on ancient culture together as a test. Admitted that the slot grants you immensely return, so do not hesitate to try out. We hope you will enjoy it along with receiving bonuses and jackpot genuinely.