Five Dragons Fishing Game From JDB Provider

Five Dragons Fishing Game From JDB Provider

Five Dragon Fishing game or fish shooting game is another new entertaining play that appears on most of the online casino websites today. The creation of joy simulates actual graphics to gamblers; the perfect combination between technology and the online game system becomes a fantastic presentation. Besides, this the competitive game for risk-takers to grab this chance and earn profit from the fishing game.

The fish shooting game or Five Dragons Fishing game is the biggest gambling game at this moment. The play excites and thrills players effectively. Players will get along the game and receiving rewards on their shooting skills. The pay depends on the size of the target: the big target you shoot, the huge result you get.

The benefits of betting with fish shooting game.
  • Simple play
  • Brilliant visual
  • Provided levels
  • Bonuses and high multipliers 
  • Support mobiles: Android and iOS
  • Available 24 hours

1.When you reach the game, there are 3 options to connect. Pick your comfortable choice;

  • Newbie, bullets cost 0.1 – 10
  • Expert, bullets cost 1 – 100
  • 5 Dragons, bullets cost 10 -100

2. A bullet is a significant weapon to earn money. To shoot, if players are on a computer, use the mouse to aim then click to make a shot. On the other side, if players are on a mobile, touch those fish to hit them. 

Kinds of fish
  • Small and common fish: these fish are the easy-catch and easy-collect point.
  • Other marine animals: they are a bit bigger with a little special sparkle. Once they die, the sparkle grants the magic to shooters.
  • Boss: the enormous fish in the ocean that fulfills your bucket with heaps of rewards.
How much of a reward?

Once players hit the fish, you will gain rewards. The point calculation is the bullet cost x value of fish. For example, shooting the goal with 10 baht bullet, which is that shot fish worth 10 times, so the reward you will receive is 100 baht.

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