The Golden Jaguar Online Slot From Gclub Arrives!

The Golden Jaguar Online Slot From Gclub Arrives!

Golden Jaguar slot, one of the mystery slots from the biggest provider Gclub. Finally, we have to accept the truth of its reputation both the provider and slots at this moment. Since, Golden Jaguar game is another real granting cash to a winner along with a special bonus. Moreover, it offers a stunning picture and amazing sounds to force every perception to look at. The more excitement, the more attention from people.

The slot presents 5 reels and 40 paylines. The play allows you to spin symbols on the reels to attach to each other in the same picture; it starts from 1-2 reels and from left to right only to receive a reward.

To play the Golden Jaguar slot

  1. If you click “start”, the Golden Jaguar reels are spin and stopped automatically. If your spin turns to no line, the game immediately ends.
  2.  In case your balance in Gclub then you are able to bet, but if you don’t have it left, so you have to top-up the balance via our call center to return to the same page. 
  3. If you have your balance enough for one line, the chance to win will be less, as well.

1 indicates the amount of credit, betting amount per round, and winning amount.
2 indicates the numbers of the reel.
3 indicates daily rewards for the winner.
4 indicates the line betting, auto, spin, on-off audio, and guideline buttons.
5 indicates the lobby button.

How to win the game’s bonus

If the appearance of three or more sculptures of a jaguar simultaneously any position on the slot, it triggers a free spin feature for you. The feature allows you to choose 5 types of styles that own different multipliers and numbers of free spin: the more multiplier, the less free spin.

  • 10 free spins for 1 time
  • 7 free spins for 2 times
  • 5 free spins for 5 times
  • 4 free spin for 16 times
  • 1 free spin for 77 times

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