Hoo Hey How, The Online Board Gambling

Hoo Hey How, The Online Board Gambling

One of the online folk games that turn to the international online betting game, Hoo Hey How (Fish, Prawn, Crab). This board game has been playing for a long time because it uses dices with pictures, do players don’t worry about calculation. This is one of the proper reasons for the popular game. The play is also easy to follow even an inexperienced player takes a short time to catch. Today, it is hard to find, thus we put it online to offer convenience to access on Gclub.

Rules to play Hoo Hey How

As mentioned above, Hoo Hey How, the game uses dices to score by figures and colors instead of numbers. There are 3 colors and 6 symbols: gourd, crab, fish, tiger, chicken, and prawn. Then, a player needs to pick up 2 symbols or 1, if two out of three dices turn to what you bet, and you are the winner.

  1. From three dices, the structure is simple by choosing two symbols to bet. Once the dices turn out as your betting, then congratulation!
  2. Color betting, Hoo Hey How divides into three colors: red, green, and blue. Each color contains different characters; a gourd and tiger are in blue, fish and chicken are in red, and crab and prawn are in green. Generally, people likely to have tiger, chicken, or prawn to get it two out three. The easier way is color betting if the dices turn to selected colors two out of three, you win.

Techniques of gambling with Fish, Prawn, Crab

  1. Color betting is another successful tip because it increases the rate higher and the chance to win has also risen. This classic way that useful to everybody and quite popular. 
  2. Observe the action before you start the game. If you decide to bet, you have to watch its reaction for 5-10 games to examine and collect the statistics. This method helps you to find a better choice.
  3. Double it up, it is used frequently when a player loses. If the first time you lose 100, and the next round you should double up. This tick is popular since it actually makes money. 


  1. Everyone can play because it provides easy instruction to follow.
  2. Multiple options to gambling
  3. Only 10 baht requires per round.
  4. High compensation up to 150 times the betting amount
  5. Daily and available on computers, tablets, and smartphones 

For risk-takers who don’t like mathematics or complicated calculation, we would like to suggest you Hoo Hey How from Gclub, the most comfortable board game. Only remember the result of each round because the game has statistics. Moreover, the play methods are easy to grasp. It takes less than a minute to finish one game. That’s no wonder why the game is so successful nowadays.

by : gclub en