Mermaid Slot 2020, The More You Spin The More You Receive

Mermaid Slot 2020, The More You Spin The More You Receive

Mermaid slot is another favor slots as other early slots because of the simple organization contains a lot of pleasure. The game is provided with realistically high-quality graphics and the best audio. Thus, players won’t be bored and enjoy the game with an astonishing impression.

Mermaid slot is a great option for players who are seeking an effective slot since it is ready to take players to explore and escapade under the sea together. New style and theme delivered from Gclub Slot, the greatest provider online slot services.

Directions to enjoy the slot
The slot structure attracts players with a modern design that propers to all players. Let’s investigate this new adventure another whole new world throughout 24 hours.

  • 1 are credit balance, betting amount, and win number.
  • 2 are reels.
  • 3 are jackpots.
  • 4 are betting line, auto-play button, on/ off button, and guide button.
  • 5 is a home button to return to the main slots page.

Payment rate

  • Wild substitutes other symbols in the slot except for the bonus symbol; 5 wilds value 1000, 4 symbols equal to 200, 3 symbols for 50, and 2 symbols for 10.
  • Bonus symbol multipliers by the betting; 5 symbols for 200x, 4 symbols for 20x, and 3 symbols for 2x.
  • The highest value symbols are pearl, harp, shell, starfish, A, K, Q, J, and number 10 respectively.

Mermaid slot has 5 reels and 3 rows for players to wager as wishing. The paylines are up to 30 lines; there are more opportunities to receive rewards.

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