Ninja Rush, Popular Online Slot From JDB

Ninja Rush, Popular Online Slot From JDB

Ninja Rush, an online slot that produced by JDB slot provider. The theme bases on a Japanese spy in the period of changing the rules of the country. Ninja Rush slot is a fantasy and high entertainment game; the big attack of this black suite spy is interested guarantee. If you ever gambling with the slot once, you will like Ninja Rush from the bonus, play or even the history of this fascinated character.

At the moment, Ninja was compared to Samurai, which Samurai was a front-role fighter while Ninja took behind the scene. Some people were both Samurai and Ninja at the same time. Today, Ninja disappeared, but Samurai is still living.

How to play

Ninja Rush is easy to grasp by only 3 steps;

  1. Players set an amount of credit to bet then click the start button.
  2. After the reels stop, the paylines start to calculate the winning for the winner.
  3. If the same 3 symbols appear on the payline patterns from left to right, you win. 


  • Bonus 
  • Scatter
  • Wild
  • 50 paylines

For the bonus on this 5-reel-slot full of bonus symbols. When scatter is called on the reel, the symbol grants Ninja Rush Free Spin; for the first time with 25 free spins. Meantime, the Wild symbol increases more chances to win by substitute others.

How to win

  1. Understand the game rules and the function include rewards
  2. Know the benefit of returning to customers by checking through the last statistics
  3. Receiving the bonus along with promotion to continue investing
  4. Each time betting, make sure the profit is big include the combo bonus that can raise the profit

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