Review Panda Master Slot, The Cutest Character Game

Review Panda Master Slot, The Cutest Character Game

Review the cutest game to all gamblers with the hottest appealing slot of the year. Today, we are about to share the action theme with all of Gclub fighters. The game is quite a challenge along with the chubby animal, the panda. We believe most may have heard of Kang Fu Panda; it is a cartoon kind art of fight from Asia performs by the panda. This is an opportunity to give an explanation to win the game easily.


The highest symbol is the panda, which owns 5000 multipliers, the agreement is there must be completed reels with 5 panda symbols. The slot is complicated to calculate because a one-time spin gives you many wins possibly. The more lines you bet, the more chance you win. 

Symbols of Panda Master

BALANCE: your remain money.

WIN: shows a profit of each spin.

AUTOPLAY: auto spin button.

LINES: shows payout table.

SPIN: start the game, suddenly it turns to STOP means to end the spin.

CREDITS: shows all credits in the game, which is can be set to Credits/ Coins/ or Coins & Credit.

As mentioned, the game relates to the fight, all symbols are about weapons and the fight. Moreover, the fun of the game will definitely excite you. The graphics are fair: not too luxurious or too low. There are 9 pay lines, so the game is challenging enough to give you a ton of jackpots. 


  • Easy 
  • Tons of bonuses
  • Happy along with the game
  • a limited amount can join


  • Fewer pay lines provided
  • Less option