SAWADEE KA Slot Represents Aesthetic Thai Tradition

SAWADEE KA Slot Represents Aesthetic Thai Tradition

The online slot presents aesthetic Thailand tradition through the game that you may fall in love. But, what is Sawadee Ka in Thai, if you are curious let’s the article explain for you.

Welcome to Thailand. “Sawadee Ka” is Thai female essential greeting with a unique language and hand action. Besides, Thai precious tradition such as festivals, food, being, dress, etc. is impressive and be one of the worthwhile places for once in your life to visit. Today, Habanero marks Thai dress to present the country value and joins it with the gambling game completely called SAWADEE KA slot to fill abroad gamblers and simultaneously sponsor Thainess to the World.

SAWADEE KA slot has five reels with dress accessories symbols attached and a very successful game in Thailand. The direction is just spinning and wait for the reels to stop and receive a reward including features and a special bonus. The slot has 50 pay lines, so there is a high percentage of chance for you to win.

How to play

  1. If you start the game, it starts and stops automatically. If your spin triggers a reward, the game will calculate and grant it immediately to you. While, if you lose the game will stay still. 
  2. If the balance is enough for the next spin then you are free to bet again. On the other hand, if your balance is less then the bet amount limit, you have to top it up. The more lines you bet the more chance you take.

  • 1 displays all 4 kinds of the jackpot.
  • 2 displays gambler information such as credit, balance, win, etc.
  • 3 is the slot and reels.
  • 4 is a button if automatic spin, line betting, and betting per line.
  • 5 is the maximum betting button, spin, and actual money. 


Thai lady represents WILD which substitutes other symbols except for the elephant symbol.
The elephant represents Scatter that 3 Scatters trigger the Free Spin feature.

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