How to Shuffle Pok Deng Card to Win the Game.

How to Shuffle Pok Deng Card to Win the Game.

Pok Deang game is the most common game in Thailand since it has an easy structure to follow. It uses only cards with shorter time to finish it. So, today how to shuffle cards to win article will help you through this.

Furthermore, if there is a technique of shuffling Pok Deng cards that gamblers would love it just for fun or through an online website to win reward.

How to shuffle Pok Deng card to win, it is simple if you experienced some skills and practice properly enough. The most essential thing is the speed; if you are not fast enough, so you have a trick to deflect other gamblers while you reset cards. Our tricks are easy by rearrange cards to confirm the ingenuousness then take two cards equivalent to nine or Kao Song Deng, (if a player has only two cards in hand, and both those cards share the same suit (flush), number or letter (pair), they have song deng.) to cover up the bottom of the shuffling cards. 

Next, you have to be so quickly and use your skill to switch those two cards to place on the top of the deck just to fit with you perfectly. For example, if there are 7 players, your first card will be on the eighth and the second on the sixteenth. To shuffle them, you have do one by one, but remember the rush that you have to be conscious of, or you do the riffle shuffle – harder but more natural.

Overhand shuffle

Riffle shuffle

If one of the players needs to cut the deck, do not worry, let them do it nicely. During the time, you just have a little talk with them and use this opportunity to reform the cards back to the same place as fast as possible, so your plan is still running usually.

The techniques count on so much time and proficiency, so less-endurance learners give up on it; meanwhile, some gamblers are caught by friends, or some don’t have friends to test their skill with. The solution is searching for an online casino website and give a try. Besides shuffle cards by yourself, you do not be scared of deceiving.

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