Understanding Slot Lines and Pay Tables Explained

Understanding Slot Lines and Pay Tables Explained

Modern slot machines can have various symbols and icons. All this information is easily accessible in each and every slot machine pay tables. As soon as you reach games, learn how to read the payout tables, and master slot machine lines. 

Slot Machine Lines Explained

 A pay line is a line on which certain symbols land and, when landing in a specific order, form combinations that result in a win. The number of play lines in a slot can range from 1 to 1024.

Once you visit a land-based or online casino, you’ll probably notice that their most popular games are their video slots. Slot machine pay tables can be quite a challenging task depending on the game. 

Slot machine combinations will land you what’s called pay lines. The first invented slot, you’d find just one pay line but now there are slot machine multi-pay line games. Things may get confusing when you have multiple pay lines, but this is really when it starts to get exciting too.

Multi-Line Slots vs One Line Slots

One-line slot

One line slots have one line whereas multi-line slots feature multiple pay line options. Also known as classic slots, one-line slots have been present for a long time. In contrast, multi-line slots are a more advanced option giving each player more chances to hit winning combinations. In fact, multi-line slot machines have become the most popular form of slots to play today. 

Orientation & Direction

Left to Right – Without a doubt, this is the most common direction. It means symbols need to start matching from the very first reel furthest to the left. Any symbols will need to match in succession.

Right to Left – This is just the opposite of the above. 

Pay Both Ways – This is simply a game that pays both left to right and right to left.

All Ways – These kinds of pay lines usually mean more than 100. The most common one is 243 ways to win.

Cluster Pays – These work quite differently from all the ones we’ve already mentioned, and symbols will need to form a cluster to pay.

Payline Winning Chances

The more lines you choose to play with the more chances you have to form winning combinations. Typically, you’ll need to match at least 3 identical symbols in a row (on an active pay line).

Forming winning combinations across a single pay line is a standard way to win (in case you’ve activated only one pay line). With multiple lines, you’ll increase your winning potential by making matches both vertically and diagonally.

Understanding Slot Machine Pay Tables

Paytables main characteristics are to show you the value of each symbol. Apart from the appealing graphics and soundtrack, modern-looking video slots combine a bunch of pay lines, and multiple bonuses feature together with scatters and wild symbols.

All you need to do is click on the pay table icon and you’ll see a pop-up window where everything will be explained in detail. Understanding the slot machine payout table is no rocket science. There are no skills required; all you need to do is match certain symbols. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll trigger the bonus games and Free Spins within the slot.