Tiger Dragon Win Ways and How to Bet to Make Money

Tiger Dragon Win Ways and How to Bet to Make Money

Online Tiger Dragon is another online game from casinos that own simplicity, and there more win ways to provide you in this article.

Briefly before betting with Tiger Dragon

  • Score counting starts as numbers of cards such as 1, 2, 3,…10 and J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13.
  • There are 50 seconds to place a bet (different for some websites) on a tiger, dragon, or tie. Some places may provide more chances with even, odd, big, or small for each side.
  • After that, a dealer will close the betting for that round and ready to reveal the cards of each side. Which side has a higher score will be the winner. The payout will follow the game structure.

Popular ways to win the Tiger Dragon game that won’t disappoint you.

Ping Pong 

This is the most successful way because it is just observing the game a few times before your big time. You have to watch the result whether it switches the winning between the tiger and dragon or not. If so then you can follow the pattern. For example, the last games winning were tiger, dragon, tiger, dragon, do the next game probably could be tiger.


Take a look at each side of how often it wins for around 20 games or more. Then, you bet diversely because in the deck of the card may have even or odd. If you are not sure about the cards, apply this way to bet on an odd number because in common the odd is more than even one.

Tail of dragon

If one side has a continue winning for a while is a signal of an interesting game. It has more percentage of winning. What you have to do is keep betting until it changes the winning side, and you also change the way, as well.


This way is a confident way to bet on the same result, but you have to add more money to help. You start from the minimum and gradually move higher and higher. TI is impossible the game sticks for four to five times on the same result. So, if you increase your fund and lose four times, do not concern about it; since once you win you can take all back your capital or receive profit easily. Once you win, you have to return to the smallest amount to restart this process again.

Set a goal

This one relates to a technique part and a bit of psychology to prevent you from losing and hurt your feelings. You have to set your goal of making a profit and losing money because it helps you to have a concentration on the game then using sense and forecast.

Using ways to help but still lose!
Do not offensive to the situation because today may not be your lucky day. You have to focus on the process to be deft; you have to analyze and control yourself on your road perfectly, so the winning will be yours.


Tiger Dragon ways gain money?

Absolutely, only you adept the ways with your skills and analyze it consciously. Follow your destination and the winning is near as you reach.

How many ways?

There are many methods to help you collect money. You are free to select, only register with our website.

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