Types of Guns and Fish in Online Fish Shooting Game

Types of Guns and Fish in Online Fish Shooting Game

Fish shooting game is a well-known game basically, but few people notice a feature of joining the game. Some gamblers start to play without study the detail or the how-to, so they carelessly play. To get more scores and good feedback, the players should comprehend the game’s detail obviously. Today, Gclub-EN collects all types of useful weapons along with a description of the features of each fish.

First of all is types of the gun; there are two types of it.

  • The attacking gun focuses on power, it stares on power and fast hitting. It has a condition that a bullet will not pierce through fish, and that’s because there is something impedes the target., so the fish swims away or maybe caught by other players. This kind of gun is a match for slow swimmers or stay close to the gun. Most of the matched fish are small fish or a school of fish. Besides, the bullet is able to bounce from the edge, too, so the players will not lose the bullet for free.
  • The attacking gun to aim the target, it directly points which you can shoot immediately. The gun sticky follows the target, but the power may less than a missile. Apart from that, if the target goes out of the screen, the gun will halt instantly. Most of these guns match for some fish and a few bosses. 

The second thing is the types of fish; there are also two types of it, as well.

  • Common fish type, it has a small size and small score. It can be shot a few times. While a big size needs a bit bigger bullets. 
  • Item fish, there are various items fish different from others. The fish have luminous light wrapped themselves; sometimes can be a crab or a jellyfish. If the players fire them completely, they will get a special item to use at random. Thus, many players may snatch to get those fish to possess extra help. 

The third thing is the types of a boss; there are 4 types.

  • A familiar boss type always appears frequently such as a Datnioides boss gives players the opportunity continually. Advice, it is easily caught by a missile.
  • A slowly boss gradually moves themselves in-out the screen. This type of boss is hard enough to kill such as a prawn boss or jellyfish.
  • A quick boss is a fast swimmer including an Arowana or a dragon. It sometimes blocks the target to waste your time. It has quite a strong energy. 
  • An alternative boss such as an octopus boss. Since bosses are swift position and hard to remember. This boss gives up a thunder gun to make it easier. 

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